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***Sample E-Mail Billing***

Thank you for using our email billing.  Please send payment to our office at
Great American Disposal Co., PO Box 2002, Kingsford, MI  49802. (906)
774-9006.Due Date: 4/30/12Acct#: 186091
Billing Name: John Doe
Service Name: John Doe
Service Address: 1234 West Road (Norway, MI)Invoice#: 22X1234567
Total Due: 40.11DETAIL
Prior Balance 40.1102/29/12        40.11-  PAYMENT RECEIVED CHECK
03/01/12        25.46   1 2R BIN 1XMO TRASH REMOVAL 03/01/12-03/31/12
03/01/12        10.35   1 2R BIN RENTAL RENTAL 03/01/12-03/31/12
03/01/12        4.30    1 FUEL SURCHARGE FUEL SURCHARGE 03/01/12

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