Recycle Center


Dickinson County Solid Waste Processing Facility

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Monday-Friday: 8-3:30

Saturday: 9-Noon


W7702 US Hwy 2
Quinnesec, MI 49876
(906) 774-5680




Other Recycling Locations:

*Glass is not accepted at any of the locations listed above.


Recycling Information

All plastics          codes 1-7

Items do not need to be separated

  • Rinse well
  • If possible, remove label
  • No #1 non-bottle items (bakery, produce, meat containers, or trays)
  • No #2 motor oil or antifreeze containers
  • No oil containers
  • No plastic bags
  • No antifreeze containers
  • No vinyl siding or PVC pipe
Aluminum, Steel, and Bi-Metal Cans
  • Rinse well
  • Empty, clean dried-out paint cans and lids
  • Separate aluminum
  • No loose lids, covers, or caps
  • No dirty foil
Newsprint, Magazines, Cardboard, Office/Mixed Paper
  • Keep dry
  • Separate newsprint
  • Flatten cardboard
  • Remove plastic liners
  • No tissue products
  • No contaminated paper
  • No juice boxes
  • No milk cartons
  • No wax coated papers
  • No food contaminated papers

Scrap Metal Guidelines

Large and small metal items are accepted at the facility. White goods are accepted only with certificate of freon removal. No item with hazardous materials will be accepted. No fluorescent light fixtures with ballast. ABSOLUTELY NO GAS TANKS.

Used Oil, Batteries, and Tires

Used oil is accepted at the facility. Pour used oil into brown designated storage tanks inside of processing building. NO CONTAMINATED OIL IS ACCEPTED. Take your used oil container with you to use again or dispose of the container. The used oil container is not recyclable.

Tires are accepted at a fee depending upon size.

Automobile batteries are to be placed in designated area inside the facility.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste collection is on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

Visit our Household Hazardous Waste page for more information.

Compost Guidelines

Leaves and other vegetation only (grass clippings) may be brought to the designated compost area. DO NOT LEAVE PLASTIC BAGS. Dump in designated compost area only. Watch for signs. Finished compost is free to Dickinson County residents for home use. ABSOLUTELY NO BRUSH OR TREE LIMBS ALLOWED.

  • Free to drop off and pick up. Must weigh in and out at scale
  • Sifted compost is $22 per ton
  • Unsifted compost is free
  • Not open during the winter



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